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MicroVAT™ Elite
Item Number: EECS304C

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MicroVAT™ Elite, Battery and Electrical Systems Tester.


  • The MicroVAT™ ELITE is a battery, starting and charging system tester, DMM, cable voltage drop tester and more
  • Charging System test uses the most innovative and decisive method - digital signal processing
  • Cable Voltage Drop Test
    • Determine health of vehicle battery cables with optional EECS306C-3 Cables
  • Built in Printer
    • Provides test results and custom shop information
  • 3.5 inch large full color 1/4" VGA Display 
    • Color Icons and test result graghs
  • Visual and Voice prompts in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch or German help you through diagnostic process
  • Digital Multi-meter (with optional EECS3096C-4 Lead Set)
    • Low Volt Automotive, Amps, Ohms, Diode and Basic Oscilloscope
    • Temperature via optional Snap-on probes or built in infared sensor
  • Technical Support Phone Number 1-866-592-8052
  • USB and Infared (IR) connectivity
    • USB software upgradeable for future enhancements like Hybrid
    • USB data collection: use any thumb drive to move info to excel
    • IR & Certificate printing on PC with optional EECS306C-7
  • Heavy Duty Ready
    • For more accuracy and capability add optional EECS306C-2 Dual Range Amp Clamp and EECS306C-3 Cable Voltage Drop Test Cables
  • Upgrade your EECS304C MicroVAT™ Elite to EECS306C D-TAC™ Elite by ordering EECS304-306
  • CE - DE, ES, FR, IT, GB, NL, and JP


  • EECS306C-5 Battery Test Cables (10 ft.)
  • EECS306C-6 Post Adaptors 
  • EECS500-1 Printer Paper Roll


  • EECS306-2 Dual Range Amp Clamp
  • EECS306C-3 Cable Voltage Drop Test Cables
  • EECS306C-4 Digital Multi-meter Probe Set
  • EECS306C-7 IR Dongle with install CD template
  • EETH501C Fluid Temperature Probe
  • EETH502B Surface Temperature Probe
  • EETH503B Air Temperature Probe
  • EECS304C-1 Soft Carry Case


Two (2) years.

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