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HD3000 Gray Kit 5 Gallon
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Solvent carried products are becoming a thing of th past as increased VOC regulations, concern for the environment, and heightened awareness of safety issues has customers looking for alternatives. The HD-3000 is a water-borne two part epoxy that offers the durability and cheical resistance of solvent based coatings without the problems associated with solvents.. The HD-3000 is an industrial concrete floor coating designed for performance with the user in mind. The product is easy to apply and requires minimal training on floor preparation procedures.


  • Virtually no odors
  • Not flammable
  • Superior adhesion to even damp concrete floors
  • Pre-measured parts A & B for easy mistake-proof blending of components
  • Easy water clean up
  • High chemical resistance
  • Attractive high gloss finish


Consumable, no warranty

Product Specification

10% Hydrochloric acid Resistant
Tabor Abrasion25 mg loss (CS-17 wheel, 1000 gram load)
Dry Time 12 - 16 hours (before recoat)
Slip ResistanceExceeds 0.5 min. static/friction (James Machine)
Viscosity 1000 - 3000 cps (Brookfield)
Coverage350 - 450 sq. ft./gal
VOC (minus water) Less than 150 grams/liter
Application Temp. 60°F minimum
Pot Life 2 hours (at 70%)
Induction Time 30 minutes
Caustic Soda (50%) Resistant
Isopropyl AlcoholResistant
Mineral SpiritsResistant
Butyl (2-butoxy ethanol) Resistant

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