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11.5kW Single Port Wall Mount Charger
Item Number: AXIE21CH012DA
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Use this special tool along with the appropriate service procedures to assist in servicing hybrid and electric vehicles. 

Meets Stellantis Specifications for EV Charging Hardware & Software Requirements


11.5 kW Single Port Wall Mount Charger

Originally Distributed in

  • CYAT258C


  • 11.5kW Wall Mounted AC Charger
  • Single port 48A J1772 - with 16’ cables
  • 5” LCD Display Screen with User Friendly Interface
  • LAN + wi-Fi and 4G for Charger Management System
  • FRID Card for User Management
  • Commercial Design


AXIE10CN0125A  5 Year Communication Network Plan with Station Management


Two year parts warranty

  • Available 5 Year Total Coverage - Parts / Labor Warranty

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