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Red Lighting 5 Gallons
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Red Lighting is a powerful detergent cleaner formulated to provide instantaneous penetrating action. Efficient, thorough cleaning describes the action of Red Lightning. It immediately attacks dirt, light oils, and other foreign matter that may be on the surface. It penetrates into the grime, surrounds the particles, and lifts and holds them in suspension until removed with an automatic scrubber, a wet pick=up, vacuum, mop, sponge, or squeegee.


  • No rinse, film free
  • Excellent hardwater tolerance
  • Extra strength, extended dilutions
  • Biodegradable
  • No dulling of floor finishes
  • Great for scrub n' recoats
  • Use on all types of flooring
    • Can be used for all types of floors not harmed by water such as asphalt tile, rubber tile, vinyl, and vinyl composition, linoleum, terrazzo, concrete, sealed wood, marble, ceramic, and quarry tile.
  • Surface Safe
    • Use on walls and vertical surfaces, venetian blinds, steel files, lockers, sealed wood, truck, aircraft and automobile surfaces, stainless steel, aluminum, food processing equipment, porcelain, and chrome surfaces, etc.
  • Advanced Chemistry
    • Has a special compounding of builders to assure heavy soil load capacity, and extends superior cleaning power by a synergistic action with the biodegradable detergents.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Red Lightning is highly biodegradable and effectively cleans particulates on oily soils without the use of phosphates, butyl, or cleaning solvents. No VOC's


Consumable, no warranty

Product Specification

Dilution1-4 oz. per gallon of water
AppearanceLight Red Liquid
Fragrance Fresh Lemon Scent
pH11.5 +/- .1 (concentrated)
Specific Gravity 1.057 - 1.061
Hardwater ToleranceExcellent
Storage Stability Excellent, 1 year normal conditions
Freeze-Thaw StabilityWill Freeze - usable after thawing with no change in performance. Agitate after thawing and before use.

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